The Steel Adjustable training bar.

The Steel Adjustable training bar.

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Product parameters

Material: steel

Suitable for door width: 62 * 100cm

Product Name: door on the horizontal bar / pull up

Assembly instructions:
Step 1: Secure the rubber stopper on the door frame with screws.
Step 2: Turn the bar clockwise until the end of the rod is tightly pressed against the door frame.
WARNING: Before proceeding, please check and make sure the bar is secure.


Door horizontal bar * 1


Application: Horizontal Bar Trainer
Model Number: Door horizontal bar
Material:: steel
Suitable :: door width 62 * 100cm
Feature1:: chin up bar
Feature2:: pull up bar
Feature3: sport
Feature4:: home gym
Feature5:: gym equipment
Product Name:: door on the horizontal bar / pull up
Application:: Indoor Horizontal Bar
Usage:: Horizontal Bar Trainer

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